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Wisdom Soup

by Santosh Kunte

1. Dedicate yourself by all means at the job in hand

2. Empty yourself of all the entanglements since you are none of it and need not take the transient for eternal. You are slave of your own created entanglements, no entanglements, and no slaving business.

3. Your capacity to empty yourself of all the subjects of desire matters at the end of the day. When you are emptied of all the entanglements, what remains is love. All the entanglements are self.

4. Unless you have the capacity to absolutely let go of old, new will not arrive.

5. Everything will be counted for at the end of the day. What matters is absolute devotion. By all means devote yourself.

6. By all means be absolutely loyal to your own vision. Never ever allow the world (objects and people) to take unnecessary space in yourself. Enough is enough. The world has a reality as long as you give it

7. The nature of the blessings is such that it is unseen and works unknowingly. Never be disheartened and seek the company of great ones, either physically or non physically.

8. If you can not get out of any involvement, you are doomed to be lost and suffering in your involvement. By all means stay in this world but be not of this world. This is the way to be sane.

9. Everything is precious if you can transcend the self interest.

10. You are here to contribute in whatever portion you find yourself to be.

11. What will help you ultimately is your own humility and silence. Great work happens in silence.

12. You are likely to suffer if you are not considerate and humble towards others. Harmlessness is the path of least resistance.

13. Suffering is an indication that you need to let go off your superimposition on the reality and let the reality be as it is.

14. Mind and heart are supposed to express love and truth in action and not to seek or possess something. Give it its right place and the house will be put in order.

15. Your unruly mind is the only enemy you have and nothing else. World has no solutions for you and never ever had. You don’t need the world, world needs you.

16. Shift your attention from the things, people and objects to love and truth and you are free.

17. Discard the false with all your powers and eradicate the roots of ignorance.

18. What matters supremely is the motive and nothing else.