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Why I Write

December 15th, 2011 by Will Nesbitt Leave a comment Go to comments

Why do I write? It’s simple, really. I write because I have to.

I write because there are things on my mind that I feel are too important to keep to myself. Things that are important to the world. Now, when I read that last sentence, it sounds a bit self-absorbed. Doesn’t it? The idea that what I have to say is important to anyone other than myself? But, it is. Because like you, I am a vital and necessary part of the world. Otherwise, why am I here?  To take up space? Nah. I’m here for a reason. And one of those reasons is to write.

It’s funny because I used to HATE writing. Especially in school. I remember having to write journals everyday in one of my high school English classes. It was excruciating. One, because I didn’t have much to write about. And two, I didn’t want to be that transparent. I am and have always been a very private person. So, the idea of my English teacher reading about any aspect of my life outside of the classroom bothered me. And I didn’t get good grades on those journals either. Not just because of bad grammar, but because the entries were short and very vague. I wonder if she’s reading these. If so….Hey, Mrs. Chappell! Look at me! I’m writing! Please don’t grade these journals, woman!!! LOL

Fast forward to 2008. Myspace was the happening social networking site on the internet. I had never blogged before, so decided to give it a try. I started out writing a lot of surface-level material…critiquing movies I had seen, articles I read, or just about random situations. Then, I started getting into it and writing about things I was reading – spiritual, metaphysical, self-help, psychology books and articles. Soon, I was sharing my own personal thoughts and philosophies on life itself. And it was those things that people responded to. People started telling me that they liked and appreciated what I was writing and that it was helpful to them. At first, I thought they were just being nice. People have a tendency to do that. Say nice things to make you feel good about what you’re doing. Which is fine (I guess). But, I was hoping that wasn’t the case with me. And it wasn’t.

Soon, I moved over to writing on my alma mater’s (Central State University) social networking site. I was writing more than I did on Myspace. And I was getting more responses about my work and how it was helpful to those who were actually reading it. Now, the fact that someone was actually reading what I had to say was a shock. But, the even bigger shock was the fact that these people felt as though the information was actually useful to them. I guess I was shocked because I wasn’t expecting that. I tend to write and just put it out there. If I get favorable responses, great. If I don’t, that’s fine too because I’m still putting it out there. Putting it out there to let my voice be heard. And the fact that people were not only hearing it, but responding to it, really did something for me. It made me see that there was a reason why I had started writing that I had not understood early on – to help others as well as help myself. And it was with that realization that the seed for this site was planted.

I started The Inner Seed in the summer of 2009 with the simple purpose of helping people help themselves.  I say ‘help people help themselves’ because I realized some time ago that I can’t help anyone that doesn’t want to be helped. People have to want it. I don’t try to shove advice down anyone’s throat (all the time) or tell them what they NEED to be doing with their lives (sure, I have my opinions on what that may be, but I try not to force those on anyone). Because what do I know about what someone else needs? Hell, I’m still trying to figure out what I need. The blogs, articles, ebooks, and book suggestions I post here are things that have helped me create a more peaceful mindset over the years. So, I share these things with the world in hopes that people will think and dig deep within themselves for the answers they need and develop their own peaceful mindsets and a more fulfilling life for themselves. Because the answers are in each of us. We just tend to ignore them because we’ve been taught that someone else knows better than we do how we should live our lives. And we follow that – blindly – and wind up ‘searching for ourselves’ in our later years. So, this is more of a map to help you find your own map which will lead you to where you need to be.

Before starting The Inner Seed, I talked it over with a good friend of mine at the time who thought it was a great idea. She even helped me pick out the name. (Shout out to J. I miss you.) I consider The Inner Seed to be one of the greatest accomplishments of my life. It is definitely a labor of love. And the more I write and add to the site, the more I love it. Just like with music (I’m a percussionist), it feels good to express myself and share those expressions with others. I like helping people. I like making people laugh. I like making people think. And it seems to be working. So, I think I’ll keep doing it a little while longer.


Yours truly,


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  1. December 16th, 2011 at 00:35 | #1

    You have to have a “why” to persevere in the blog-game. Yours is a great one :o)

  2. Will
    December 16th, 2011 at 07:39 | #2

    You’re right, Patrice. As a writer, perseverance is a must. Thanks for reading. And thanks for the shout-out on your blog http://fascinatingsista.blogspot.com!

  3. Nicole Belcher
    September 21st, 2012 at 17:24 | #3

    I am very much so enjoying your website.

  4. Will
    September 24th, 2012 at 09:28 | #4

    Thanks so much for visiting, Nicole! I hope the information you find here is of use. Please feel free to visit often.

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