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Who You Are vs. Who You Think You Are

June 7th, 2009 by Will Nesbitt Leave a comment Go to comments

Who am I?

Can you answer that? What would be your answer? Would you begin to describe who you are in terms of your job, accomplishments, race, fraternity/sorority, even your aspirations? Is your answer based on how others perceive or have perceived you or what your parents told you? What is your answer?

At one point, my answer would’ve been based on whatever was going on in my life at the time. When I was a student, my answer was that I was a college student at an HBCU. When I graduated and started working, my answer was that I was a college grad working for X company. My answer has certainly fluctuated through the years. And each time I gave my answer, there was still a small feeling of uneasiness….as though I were giving the wrong answer…..

The majority of people would describe themselves according to their personality. The personality is the visible aspect of who you are. It is how you choose to express yourself based on who you think you are. It is who you think you are and how you choose to live based on your past experiences. Our experiences, in fact, shape our personality.

All experience is of the past. The way we act and react is always based on our past because it is the past which we use as a reference point on how to deal with our current situations. This is why we are fearful of change and new situations because the event hasn’t been experienced and there is no reference point for us to choose a response.

So, if our personality is the accumulation of our experiences (which is rooted in the past) then would it be accurate to describe ourselves in terms of our personalities?

When you examine the question ‘Who am I?’, you’ll notice the word ‘am’. The word ‘am’ basically means present tense or refers to the present…right now. That would mean that your description of self should be more towards the present or what is right now. But let’s take it a step further.

A question is asked from one who is seeking knowledge or an answer. In other words, there’s something that you don’t know that you would like to know. It’s only logical that you would ask someone who would know, right? Well, when trying to determine who you are, would you ask someone else? That would be wrong because any answer another person would give in regards to who you are would always be based on their past experiences and who they think they are. So, when asking yourself ‘Who am I?’ there must be something within you that can answer that. The part of you that knows who you really are and whose answer is based on truth apart from experience. This is your individuality or the God Self within you.

Your individuality or Higher Self is the part of you that is changeless. It is the you that you have always been. It is who you were before you were born. It is who you were as an infant. Is is who you are now. And it is who you will always be. It is the expression of God in His purest and unique form.

So, as we can see, there is a big difference between the personality and individuality. Your personality is who you think you are based on your past. Your individuality is who you are based on how God created you. Your personality changes according the situation. Your individuality is changeless. Your individuality is the biggest and best part of you.

It’s important that we tap into and understand our individuality because it is here that we find true and lasting peace and happiness. Our individuality is our direct link to the Source of All. It is the Higher Self that is in constant communication with our Creator because it is Him constantly communicating with us. In the Higher Self is certainty. And in certainty (knowing) there is peace. Your individuality is the means by which we can forgive ourselves for our past because it looks beyond your past and understands the causes of situations and understands. It seeks only to express the good.

In order to understand and express the Higher Self above the personality, we must begin to look within. To do this, we must pray for guidance and ask the Divine Presence to help us to understand who we really are. We must suspend the personality and ask the Infinite Intelligence to teach us and inspire us (inspire meaning in spirit) with the correct knowledge of our true Self that we may see all things as they are and not what we think they are….including ourselves.

Who am I? I am a Divine Expression of the Creator. I am here fulfill the purpose for which I was created. My purpose is to be truly helpful and a blessing to all.

Now….who are you?

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