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Who Am I?

June 15th, 2009 by Will Nesbitt Leave a comment Go to comments

This is a question that almost everyone has asked themselves at least once in their lives. For me, this has been an ongoing question. Even more so within recent years.

Who am I? Good question. The answer is….hell, I still don’t know. At least not completely. But I know that I am on the correct path to knowing who I am. One thing I’ve learned is that I’m not who I thought I was. We often have this image or perception of ourselves (the ego) that we’ve developed over the years according to experiences and people in our lives. It starts as a child. As children, we’re told what to do and what not to do, what to say and what not to say, what to think and what not to think. We’re even told how we should think. Often times contrary to who or what we’re really meant to be. So, we grow up to take on the thoughts, opinions, and ways of those who reared us.

And we can’t really blame our parents or teachers because they’re only teaching us what they were taught. But at some point I began to question what I thought and believed and have come to the conclusion that many of the things I grew up thinking either aren’t true or just simply don’t fit me…especially now.

The thoughts and opinions of others can have a large effect on us. Many of us try to act all big and bad (myself included) and claim that we are our own person and that we other people’s opinions don’t matter. Well, that’s some straight up bullsh**! There are some people or at least one person in our lives whose opinions matter so much that we define much of what we do or say by them. And one such entity is ‘public opinion’.

Public opinion or society plays a large role in what we do. It determines where we go to school, where we live, what house we buy, what car we drive, who we date, who are friends are, how we dress, how we talk, how we walk, and so many other things. Many of us pursue, accept, and deny things based on whether other people will approve or what other people will say. And if you don’t catch yourself, you’ll live the rest of your life this way.

Other opinions that can play a large part if how we make decisions are those of family and friends. Hell, I know I’ve made plenty of decisions based on what my family would or would not approve of. I’ve rejected potential mates based on what my friends thought. All in the name of pleasing other people and looking good in their eyes.

But as I said, at some point I began to question my beliefs in order to get to the core of who I truly am. In order to change our lives this is necessary. It may hurt because you may lose some friends. You may lose a family member or two. But is it really a loss? I think not. When it comes to finding myself and knowing who I truly am and living that in peace, I count it all gain.

The moral to the story is: Question your thoughts, opinions, and beliefs. Why do you think what you think? Why do you believe what you believe? Trace these thoughts and beliefs to their beginnings and sure enough you will see that they came from someone else….at least for the most part. From that point, decide for yourself what you will trust and believe is true. Commit to knowing the you that God created. You are a unique expression of the Creator. Be who He created you to be. Who is that? Well, that’s between you and God. Ask Him.


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