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What is the Soul and What is its Purpose?

by George Lockett

I see the human Soul as the membrane though which the Universal light shines. We have all seen the computer projectors for doing PowerPoint presentations. The projector contains a membrane which can be reprogrammed by the computer to give the colour and density of light needed to project the correct image onto the screen.

I feel the human Soul plays the same role; the only difference is that the image that is projected is our multi-dimensional human body. So the Soul is like a holographic plate which sits within the junction point between this world and the rest of the Universe.

When we transcend the physical structure of our human body by going down the layers back to its source, i.e. transcending through the organs, cells, molecules, atoms, fine particles back to the light body and beyond to the source where the light is shining through this holographic plate, on the other site of the plate we have the whole universe, where light is coming from every star and every dimension to shine out from the Eternal Continuum.

Through our thoughts and visualizations we can re-programme the holographic plate which is our Soul, thus restructuring our physical body and modifying what we draw to us in the world through the Law of Attraction. Our thoughts, feelings, emotions and visualization images reset and re-programme the Soul to draw to us the highest vision we hold about our Self.

Everything in the Universe is made of Energy, which flows through light and solidifies into matter to create our human body. The subtler aspects of matter form the electromagnetic field or aura, which we experience as human consciousness and awareness.

All our five senses detect vibration and energy flow and split our awareness into five channels to receive sensory knowledge and awareness of our environment. What we see is light waves, with the different frequencies giving different colours. What we hear is sound waves, with the different frequencies giving the different tones and amplitudes. In what we touch, we sense the vibrations in the molecules and atoms and sense their frequency and level of excitation. The same with taste and smell – we are sensing the subtle vibration of the molecules in the food we eat and the air we breathe.

The Universe and Soul is a field of all possibilities. It is our belief and thoughts that structure the holographic image which creates our reality. There is a dimension to us too that we inherit from our parents through our genes, which are like mini-programmes that we have created in the past; they keep on running till we bring them back up to the surface of our consciousness for re-programming and recreating in the highest vision we hold about our Self and our life’s Purpose.

Self-love and positive thinking can help re-programme the Soul to shine brightly and bring lots of source energy into our human body, giving us a presence or charisma that makes us like a magnet and gives us a strong influence on our environment. Clear thinking and purpose in life helps the Law of Attraction work and helps us lead a supported, purposeful life.

Meditation and conscious breathing help us to connect to the subtler layers of our body. Self awareness helps us to become aware of our gifts and allows us to use the natural laws of the Universe to manifest success in our life.

We are all equal and all part of the whole; there is no separation – we are all one. We are the entire universe and a part of the Universal Mind. As each of us grows in our personal awareness we see synchronicity and orderliness growing in society. When we fully realize we are all one, this process will be complete; wars will have ceased, and business will have become a co-operative sharing of resources. We will instinctively honour and support our natural environment.

We are all creative beings: let’s start to choose wholeness and Self-love; let’s think positively within our visions and dreams, creating a loving environment for all life to blossom and grow in.

By George E. Lockett SSHA, IIHHT — HealerGeorge

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