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Thought For The Day – 121211

December 12th, 2011 by Will Nesbitt Leave a comment Go to comments

To trust is simply to defer proof that that which is seen or said is true and actual. It is faith based on either strong belief or consistency in action. To trust is to expel doubt or at least give the benefit of such, even if temporarily until a thing is proven.

Forbearance of proof does not forego it. Proof (the Truth) must still be present and presented. It must still be discovered or revealed. Failure to provide proof or evidence to support trust extended renders trust null and void. This constitutes a breach of trust, thereby making the extension of such in vain.

To be trustworthy we must not only deliver results on that which is promised, but be consistent in our delivery. Let us be consistent so we can be trustworthy. Not just toward others, but toward ourselves as well. Let not our giving or receiving of trust be in vain. For Trust and Faith are much like credit. History of lates and failure to pay could get you cut off by and lower your standing with others. But karma will eventually even the score.


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