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The Spiritual Nature of Human Consciousness

by George Lockett

During sleep, I am noticing more and more the spiritual nature of human consciousness. It becomes very clear as our awareness evolves and the veil between us and our spiritual nature becomes more transparent in our experience.

I am increasingly noticing this as I move between states of consciousness in my sleep. I have witnessed my sleep for many years and, if my awareness just watches consciously what is going on in my sleep and dreams, I can have a clear experience of what is happening.

Over the past few days some things have happened to make this natural experience even more vivid in my awareness.

A couple of days ago, in the early morning my two and a half year old grandson came and jumped on me as I was sleeping, bringing me abruptly back to the waking state.

This allowed me to observe the very clear contrast between where I had been in my dream and the reality of waking consciousness.

In my dream I was being given a guided tour of another world. I was swimming on the surface of a slow-moving river of crystal clear water. Swimming along underneath me were figures with human bodies but eyes like ping pong balls on the outside of their heads a bit like insects’ eyes.

As I swam along with my companions I was hearing telepathically a voice which informed me that they were my ancestors; we were related and a part of the Universal Life Force which everyone shares as a common source.

The veil between our waking reality and other dimensions is getting very thin and it is easy, by relaxing and releasing, to allow the awareness to merge with the subtlest of energies within.

When you consciously relax and allow the mind to settle – perhaps by using conscious breathing, i.e. being aware of the breath as it enters and leaves your lungs; feeling the oxygen spreading throughout the body, and taking time to thank all the different cells within the body for working together in a happy, peaceful frame of mind – when you take the conscious mind down through the layers of the body in this way, it is easy to become aware of the cells, molecules and atoms which make up the physical body and its corresponding energy fields or consciousness.

From there it is only a short step to transcend the physical as you become aware that the fine particles which make up the atoms are switching from a particle to a wave: from physical matter into light.

Then with another very short step you transcend the light of the body’s electromagnetic aura back to its spiritual source, where you come to the junction point between all the dimensions of physical and non-physical reality.

This is currently being called by physics the zero point field, and by religions communion with God. It is a state of conscious awareness where you feel at one with everything – in union with the whole universe.

When we transcend the body in this way, we come back to our true nature, which is an eternal spiritual being. We can leave the physical behind for a while and move our conscious awareness around our spiritual nature, tapping into all the other dimensions, which are also a part of our Self and make up the greater wholeness of our conscious awareness.

In this state we feel a heightened awareness – a raising of our vibration; it is as though we can feel around us angels’ wings swishing and thrilling in ecstasy. The more we research these subtle levels with our conscious awareness, the more consciousness we breathe into them and the livelier they become for us.

Therefore, as you enjoy your sleep experience at night, be aware of what you are feeling and bring that awareness back into your waking consciousness; help make your life more aware and integrated with the greater wholeness of who you are.

George E. Lockett IIHHT, SSHA (C) Copyright 2008, All Rights Reserved.

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