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SOURCE. The dictionary defines it as “one that causes, creates, or initiates; a maker; origin; any thing or place from which something comes, arises, or is obtained.” When we speak of sources, usually it’s in reference to things that pertain to the physical world such as the Sun being a source of light and heat, electricity being a source of power, the Earth as a source of food, shelter, air, and all things needed to maintain human life. Man recognizes the importance of such sources and has managed to harness their power to use to their fullest potential (at least up to this point) for the benefit of human life. However, there is one Source from which even the Sun, Earth, and all physical sources have their origin. And it is this Source which should be recognized and given the honor which is most definitely due to receive.

Brahma. Allah. Jah. Yahweh. Tao. God. Different religions and spiritual organizations have different names for the One Source. Yet, no matter what the name, It is still the One Cause, Creator, Maker, and Origin of All Life. It really doesn’t matter what you choose to call the Source. It’s essence does not change with names or language because It is unchangeable. It cannot be accurately named nor properly categorized because the Source is infinite and far beyond description. The names we attribute to It are merely our way of internalizing and expressing our experience of It. This reminds me of an Indian proverb of the five blind men and the elephant.

There were five blind men who lived in a village. One day, the villagers told them that an elephant was in the village. The blind men didn’t know what an elephant was so they went out to touch it and feel for themselves. One man touched the tail and said, “It is a rope.” Another man touched the leg and said, “No. It is a pillar.” Another touched the elephant’s trunk and said “No. It is like a tree branch.” Another touched the ear and said, “It is like a big fan.” And the last touched the tusk and said “It is like a solid pipe.” All five of the blind men began to argue and each insisted that they were right because they had touched the elephant for themselves. A wise man passing by asked why they were arguing and they explained the situation to him. The wise man simply told them that they were all right for the elephant had all of the features which they described. They could not see what they were feeling so classified it as best they could according to their individual experiences. And yet, no one was wrong. All were right. It is the same with man and his view of the Source.

I will not attempt to argue the point of which religion is right or wrong about the Source. This is vain and serves no purpose. Arguments are battles of perspective and distract from the big picture. Instead, I choose to express agreeance with all religions about the real and common attributes of the one Source of All Things. I offer my gratitude and praise to the Source and award it all that is worthy to receive.

The Source The Author of Existence and the Sustainer of all life.
The Source is All things, yet the Source is no thing.
The Source is Every One, yet it is no one.
The Source is Everywhere, yet it is no where.
The Source is Many, yet the Source is One.
The Source is that which is seen and that which is unseen.
The Source is that from which all things emanate and none are separate from It.
The Source is form, yet it is formless.
The Source is male and female, yet it is not bound by gender. (Note: The created always bears the attributes of the Creator. Only a Creator that bears the attributes of both male and female could create the two. That which is created is not unlike it’s source. This is a part of what it means for man to be created in God’s image.)

The Source blankets us with the sky, supports us with the earth, and surrounds us with life. The Source is always near and never far. Source is in us and we are in It. The Source is us and we are It. We are One. The Source is ALL.

The Source is Light. Just as the sun has given its rays for billions of years consistently without fail, so has the Source of all given of himself eternally.

The Source is Water. He is ever flowing. He takes the form of whatever He is drawn into, yet His nature remains formless.

The Source is Peace. Peace is the product of certainty. There is certainty in knowing without a doubt. There can only be doubts if there be something else to conflict with truth. Conflict arises if there be more than one. The Source is One and All. This is certain. And it is this certainty that brings peace. Peace in knowing.

The Source is Incomparable. It is beyond comparison because there is nothing to compare It with. In order to compare something, there must be more than one. The Source is One and All. There can be nothing outside of everything. That being the case, then there can only be One. All is within the Source.

The Source is Beautiful. Beauty is in the All-Seeing Eye of the Beholder. Beauty is about more than appearances. It is about that which is flawlessly assembled, whether it be physical beauty or spiritual truths. The Source is without flaw or blemish because It is incorruptible.

The Source is Wisdom. Wisdom is the accurate application of information, understanding, and inspiration. It is knowing at it’s highest degree. It knows all and leads with Love, Strength, and certainty. The Source guides us in all things and manifests as intuition, instinct, and inspiration.

I give all thanks and gratitude to You, the Source All. You are above all, through all, and in us all. It is within You that we live, move, and have our being. You are Everything. You are All Things. You are Truth. You are Life. You are Light. There is no place where you end and I begin. We are eternally in perfect unison. You are Me. I am You…not in totality, but merely one way You choose to express Your Self. We are One. Thank you for Peace, Love, Power, and Truth. May we ever be mindful of all that You are and continue to recognize that you are the One Power and the One Presence and the One Source. Thank You. Amen.

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