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The Perfect Circle

May 26th, 2010 by Will Nesbitt Leave a comment Go to comments


But don’t just think…know.

And don’t just know…see.

And don’t just see…understand.

And don’t just understand…do.

And don’t just do…live.

And don’t just live…BE.

Life moves and manifests in a Perfect Circle from thought to being.  For thought and being are synonymous.  They are one.  They form the Perfect Circle as there is no point where thought ends and being begins.   For as you think, so shall you be.

Rejoice in this hope…no, promise…rejoice in this promise that you have the capacity, ability, and freedom to live this life and be as you so choose.  Once you understand and accept this freedom and inherent power within, you’ll no longer see life as a series of uncontrollable events that you have no control over.  Instead, you will choose to live consciously within the Perfect Circle of Life.  You will begin to shed those limitations imposed on you (by you) in the past and sustained by you in the present.  You will see all things anew with hope, love, and peace.  And so shall you be.  At that instant you will know and you will see that not only are you a part of The Perfect Circle.

Open your mind and be conscious as you follow the path of The Perfect Circle.  For this is your Path to Peace.  This is your Path to Freedom.  This is the Way of Life.  This is the Way to BE.


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