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The Magic of YES and NO

by Santosh Kunte

There is a real magic in these two words, a complete path of a royal road. It’s quite an art of saying a complete ‘YES’ or complete ‘NO’. Total ‘YES’ will come out as a result of saying total ‘NO’ to thousand things, then there is chance of an authentic ‘YES’ and discover that being authentic is the only power, a power which transcends the borrowed power of the world where there is no ownership.

To learn the secret of saying a total ‘YES’ means to deny thousands of false, it’s quite an act of courage, a courage to act with authentic voice of one’s own, uncontaminated by past, tradition or crowd. Whosoever has found a glimpse of truth has to keep it uncorrupted and at times, one has to rebel and say a thousand of ‘NO’ to thousands of things and events. One becomes more authentic when one learns the art of saying total ‘NO’. There will be no force in your ‘YES’ unless you have exhausted yourself saying saying ‘NO’ to thousand things for the sake of one thing that matters. It’s the way of bridging the gap of integrity; it’s way of being oneself, standing alone in one’s glory without any support of tradition or past.

We will always have temptation of saying ‘YES’ even when we know in our guts that it has created thousand problems in the past. All the experiences that we have gathered had taught us only two things, that is what is ‘YES’ and what is ‘NO’ in the book of our life. It’s about constantly educating ourselves for the things which matters and the things which doesn’t matter. The very process of saying ‘YES’ and ‘NO’ is enfoldment of an authentic life.

There is no force that can oppose an authentic ‘YES’, and there is no force that can fight against an authentic ‘NO’. The magic is being authentic, having a sense of integrity in your choice, nothing else matters.

If you want to discover the power of your choice, try the magic of discovering for yourself an authentic ‘YES’ and an authentic ‘NO’ and then for the first time you will discover that you are an empowered and responsible creator of your own world. You will for the first time discover the virtue of ownership. There is value of true ‘YES’ and true ‘NO’. Let the ‘YES’ or ‘NO’ be an expression of your totality.

We are in mess because we are saying a lot of half hearted ‘YES’ and thousand of half hearted ‘NO’. We don’t mean it, nevertheless we say it, and we miss a chance of discovering our own greatness. Learn and discover the passion of saying either of it with the totality of being. Power comes from having the sense of direction and pursuit of a goal which is larger than life, which consumes the logs of right and wrong and bend every event learning and discovering towards the goal of being happy and making happy. Say ‘YES’ to the desires that brings more life, love and beauty and say ‘NO’ to desires that destroys love, life and beauty. This is but a general guideline. Discovery is yours, journey is yours and a path is yours too and remember- nobody can walk for you. Wishing you all the best a complete yes.

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