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The Courage To Love

August 19th, 2013 by Will Nesbitt Leave a comment Go to comments

Love inspires courage.

It is the breath of God in man.

It is the gears of the clock, without second thought, moving the time at hand.

It is the fire of bravery in battle. But, when time to forgive, the first to extend its hand.

You would leap through a cloud without seeing the ground.

Smiling with hope through rain, though drenched in reasons to frown.

Love is the heart of courage.

Indeed, it courses through its veins.

Ebbing with strength and flowing with life just as the moon waxes and wanes.

Love is the force pushing you towards more.

Love is the tow pulling you towards the goal.

It is the courage to fly through the storm.

To fly even when the destination itself is unknown.

In the absence of light without, it is the light within.

Indeed, with love there is no absence of light.

It has the courage to walk through the darkness of hell.

To raise those in its depths to heaven. Towards the light.

Love runs when weary, no matter the distance.

It is eternal. Never crosses the line. Never reaches a finish.

When the tests of life appear, love’s courage comes in handy.

It’s confidence to say ‘peace be still’ passes all understanding.

If you have no courage, then you have no love.

It will not appear in fear. For fear and love never touch.

If you have no love, then you have no courage.

And if you have not the courage to love, then you do not deserve it.

Love inspires courage.


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