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The Art of Perfecting the Life

by Santosh Kunte

First of all, you have to trust that you are perfect at the core of your original mind, at the centre of your heart. Pull out the energy from the thoughts of your own unworthiness which the personality has acquired through the unconscious identification of memory.

In the normal course, it’s our disturbed mind that creates a problem and the same mind seeks the solution in an unconscious way. Now what we need is to still the mind and see that perfection was never lost but was obscured by the disturbance of thoughts.

Whatever wish or ideal of living you may have, figure out the central feeling of how you want to exist, Enact that feeling and role; give as much energy and attention to living in that end feeling. Stabilize in that state internally; enact the perfection and be convinced of the wish fulfilled within. Make your wish a living reality. The point is it should not be just a mental concept to hanker after but a living reality. When you have a doubt, don’t hanker after or run after the object of your desire but be still and know that you are never parted from it.

If you want to be rich, then live with the feeling of richness. Live existentially in the reality of richness.

If want to have perfect relationship, act if such perfection is innate to you.

If you want to have perfection in work, act as if you are the greatest professional in the world. Aspire for highest within, assume that you are already it, and act from that assumed knowledge (which in fact you are potentially)

The only difference is of time between manifest and un-manifest. You got to hold onto it (infinite patience and trust) until un-manifest is entitled to a living reality. Make un-manifest a part of your awareness, it means touch it, wonder in it, feel the difference of being in it.

Live in the knowledge that you are your end reality right here, act from the source of all knowing, having all the answers and perfection of this world, you will have excellence which will amaze yourself and others. Turn to a dimension for help (Original Mind) which is beyond your regular mind (sees reality only in limitations).

Drop all the guilt, sin, Shallow role plays you have accumulated as a personality, you are none of it; it’s just unconsciously collected memory from the collective past. Whatever enables you to feel rich and grander is right for you. Make choices that will make you feel rich within and the process will become magnetic to attract the richness outside. Remember, its inner richness that creates the manifested richness. Focus on the quality of feeling grand in your awareness; you will become a magnet drawing to yourself grandest events and circumstances.

You are an all compassing awareness which precisely know all the answers. Start identifying with the greatest in you in all the possible areas and act from the ground that you are already victorious. You are a winner meant to bless this world in your own way, to tell your own truth. You are here to love and heal the world. Drop all such notions which fragments you (personality characteristic which is unconscious past memory and not you), identify yourself with your original mind and all the limitations would come to end learning that these are conditioning hovering as realities in your mind.

Author: Santosh Kunte –Mumbai India. An avid reader of the spiritual knowledge, engineering graduate and executive. Loves reading meditation and sharing. You can reach me for your valuable feedback or you can reach me for your problems of finance, relationship etc. by dropping an e-mail to me on [mailto:sskunte2@rediffmail.com]sskunte2@rediffmail.com