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Study. Pray. Pass.

October 26th, 2012 by Will Nesbitt Leave a comment Go to comments

Life will keep giving you the same tests over and over until you pass them….which is why you must always “study to show thyself approved”.

STUDY. Not just outer works such as self-help and ancient scriptural texts (this is not to lessen their value, for they are indeed useful), but the study of the Self (your Self) is what you must undertake to understand.

KNOW THYSELF. Meaning be conscious (pay attention) of your thoughts, words, and actions…all that you consider to be ‘you’ or what you call ‘me’ or ‘I’. Study these things, but do not judge them. Just see them for what they are. But don’t stop there. Go deeper.

PRAY. Pray to discern the Truth about yourSelf from the illusions about yourSelf…to discern what is beneficial to yourSelf and what is not beneficial to yourSelf. Pray and trust (know) that the answers will come. This all helps to place yourSelf in a continuous state of consciousness (awareness) so that when those same tests come back around you will be ready and will know how to respond accordingly so that you can pass on to new levels of living where new lessons await.

Study. Pray. Pass.


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