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Spiritual Materialism

by James Rick

This is the day of a very important discovery. It has been a long journey. What I share with you now will some day shake the very foundations of this world. It’s called Spiritual Materialism. And it’s time has come.

Before we can move ahead with the idea of Spiritual Materialism we must first look back at what defines spirituality and materialism.


Spirituality is an expression of spirit. It is a connection with all that is. It is the label “god” but it isn’t god… it’s greater than god. Our label for god is associated with all kinds of dogmatic beliefs. Try to separate your former thought for god from all that you’ve ever learned. Recognize god as the incomprehensible, and the word for god a primitive label for a god-like being and power beyond all that we know.

Spirituality is an expression of this knowing. It is a connection with this greater power that we sum up in the words “god”. It is a never ending quest of connection with all that is.

Spirituality has been trodden down by the Earth below. It’s been bottled up in containers and sold at the local temple or Church. The temples and churches have become the object of worship. Intolerance, anger, and violence stem from this ignorance of spirituality. Fights break out for an Earthly cause and defeat the very purpose of existence. Every “holy war” has been a fight against itself.

The very roots of the world’s most powerful ideals, passed on for centuries and fortified with the passing of time are firmly anchored in ignorance. Their point in the beginning was to strengthen spirituality and instead they’ve deadened it through materialistic objectives.

Hear this now. The greatest spiritual forces have but the lightest voice in the material world because they renounce it. Only those with the most attuned of ears can hear it, because they too have cut through the clutter of the material world and tuned in only the highest frequencies of truth. But know this now – the bulk of humanity has been hidden under a blanket of darkness and only a fortunate few have been able to rise above this veil and see it for what it is. The perceived “spiritual gateways” are often endless tunnels of confusion that only add to the veil and become more powerful because they operate according to the laws of the physical world.

The meek have inherited the Earth but in their humbleness we do not see much of them, or hear their voices. So the greater majority of humanity succumbs to the darkness and lives a life of ignorance, perhaps bumping into a crumb of truth in the blind stumbling that eventually leads them to the light. For all those that cannot see – here is the first.

But for greater numbers of the world to experience truth in their lifetimes for what it is, there must be a greater involvement in the world, by those who have renounced the world. It is now their duty to move out of their private places of worship and shine a light on the world, by becoming involved in it. They have accessed truth as individuals, now they must share it as a greater whole. Not in a dogmatic expression of custom but in a free atmosphere of true spiritual exploration. Allowing each individual to see “god” as they truly see it, not as they are told to see it. To experience the light, not be told of its presence.

We must first renounce this world. Die in it’s midst, then rise to a greater calling. Interact with matter on the level it requires for now, but knowing truly deeper all the time that at any given moment anything in the material world, even flesh and blood, is borrowed and will be taken back at any time. This higher level of interaction means being more involved. It means actually growing organizations that function in the physical world with a higher calling. It means not being an organization of donation, but an organization that contributes and profits and uses that profit as a positive molding clay for shaping a heaven on Earth.

Caution however! This is a dangerous undertaking. A distorted sense of purpose and meaning can arise from profit pursuits and a great deal of care and awareness must be cultivated in the process. While there has been chasm between spirituality and materialism that great canyon must be brought together. In a cautious act of spiritual materialism tomorrow’s leaders of world organization should operate on a distant level from the world. Contributing in what may seem small affairs while realizing the bigger picture. That every human, while existing in the world, must work in order to survive. And that work should not be a prostitution of spirit but rather a joining of one’s spirit and commitment to that material task which they’ve been assigned.

The world is too far gone, to assume a complete reverse of materialism into spirituality is possible. An integration of roles is instead the way. Observe with great caution the leaders of these organizations. Power is a materialistic tempter that can quickly divert the true meaning of this path. Be aware and practice fundamental spiritual connections on a daily basis. Encourage the entire spirit of the organization to give life – to have SOUL.

Not everyone will take to this new approach. The true materialist will fall away from this idea. The true spiritualist will still renounce the world as though it doesn’t exist. But in denying it – they reveal it.

The way of spiritual materialism is like that process of a butterfly. The world was busy interacting with matter in their cocoons, pursuing material things. Spiritualists thought it was a step away from the spiritual. Materialists saw it as the only way. When in fact it was only a step that leads to the liberation of the butterfly, the enlightenment of all organizations.

In the end there will be companies with souls and those without. The organizations with soul will teach their people how to integrate mind, body and spirit into their work. How to be mindful of their task no matter how petty a task may seem, and recognize in the greater arena, the role of president or floor sweeper is open to perception as long as the organization is aligned for the greater purpose of seeking truth. The work of any organization will always be petty in light of the greater truth but it’s a necessary function of the physical world, so we take up our brooms and we sweep.

The organizations without soul will be those with only a materialistic end in mind. Striving for profit only to consume the life of the organization and those in it in the pursuit of dust.

Spiritual Materialism will change forever the heart of this world and lead it closer to enlightenment, in a form never imagined.

This article is part of the James Rick Daily Vitamin by James Rick, a daily blog that merges our understanding of spirit with the physical world. James Rick is author of Full Potential, a revolutionary guide to mastering your life in stages. He is also a motivational speaker, entrepreneur, and CEO of two international ventures.

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