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What/who is holding you back?

What/who is holding you back?

At one point or another in your life, you may have people who will try to sabotage your growth. Why? Simply because if you change, then they will be forced to change. And because they feel they either can’t change or don’t want to change, they will try to hold you back (sometimes unconsciously) in an attempt to keep everything familiar.

How will you know if someone is trying to sabotage your growth? When you tell them your ideas and plans and they always respond by telling you that it won’t work and why; or they never encourage you to try new things; or if they never approve of any of your new relationships; or if everything they think or say about the future is negative. Like I said, sometimes people don’t even know they’re being a Buzz Killington. Because this is their mindset. It’s how they see themselves and the world. To them, the world is scary. Change is even scarier. They’re afraid of it. And they think you should be afraid of it, too. In their mind, they’re only trying to protect you. But, are they really looking out for you or for themselves?

The people who want the best for you will encourage your ideas and plans. They will listen, make suggestions, even help you get to where you want and need to be. The people who want the best for you will always push you to be and do your best, even if that means that your relationship will change. They won’t sabotage your dreams. They will help you make them a reality.

Everything changes. Nothing stays the same. You are here to explore and to grow. To do new things. To grow into different (and hopefully higher) versions of yourself. On your journey, do what you can to inspire those around you to move upward and onward. Encourage those around you to pursue their goals. Support them. Help them as best as you can. But, if they choose to not join you…well at that point, you have a choice. Either you ‘stay down’ or you move on up. Now, you can stay down if you want to, but remember….you can’t soar to new heights sitting IN the nest. Cut the cord and fly. You just might turn out to be the example they need to help them stop sabotaging their own life.


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