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March 17th, 2011 by Will Nesbitt Leave a comment Go to comments

There is doing what’s ‘right’ and then there is doing what feels ‘right’.

There will be times when we won’t be able to tell the difference between the two…when they conflict and we are forced to choose one at the expense of the other. Our choice at that moment is not only an expression of our learning up to that point, but also determines the moments afterward as well as whether or not we will grow now or postpone that growth (as the lesson will surely present itself again later).

But what is ‘right’? To me, doing what’s ‘right’ is simply considering what will be in the best interest of not only ourselves, but others as well (if the situation warrants it) and acting based on that.

How do we know we have done or are doing what is ‘right’? Knowing we have done or are doing what is ‘right’ is based on a combination of the benefit of the decision to our (and others) well-being as well as a high-level of peace with the decision we’ve made regardless of the consequences.

What and how we choose is based not only on circumstance, but largely on our beliefs (what we hold to be true) or prior learning. The moment of decision is the moment when those beliefs and all that we’ve learned will come into question and into play. Know this…we will be tried. We will be forced to either do what’s right or do what feels right. It is at that point that our beliefs/prior learning will either be proven true (beneficial) or false (useless) and we are left to either acknowledge the truth and change those beliefs or live in denial. It is our choice; but only one of those choices will bring peace and consequently, growth (if you’re into that sort of thing).

With that in mind, when those moments arise (and they will), we must decide whether we want to do what’s good for right now or if we want to do what is ‘right’. I can’t say that I have always done what is ‘right’. Until now, I’ve never understood exactly what that meant to me. But now I can say that at this point in my life, when the time comes (and it will), I pray for the strength to do so. I choose peace.


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