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Reclaim Your Power Through Forgiveness

by George Lockett

A simple way to take personal responsibility for your life and live it from a field of all possibilities, a look at empowering yourself through the concept of forgiveness.

Forgiveness is a wonderful gift that we have been given to re-centre our energies within our Selves. For as long as we project our power to another and blame them for our current situation we are dis-empowering ourselves.

Forgiveness is a state of mind: We can choose to forgive someone at any time just by saying the words – “I forgive you” and say the persons name if you know it. Quite often you feel the release as you do this and feel your energy coming back home to yourself.

You can also forgive yourself for all the people you may have wronged or hurt. Self-forgiveness is even more important than forgiving other. This is because we find it difficult to love ourselves if we are blaming ourselves for some event that may have happened in our lives.

This process is all about putting you back in the driving seat of your life. Re-centring your energies in the Now moment. That means not thinking about the past or future but being aware in this moment, knowing that all possibilities are open to you within this moment.

It is also about being the creator of your life and choosing your mood and direction. If you centre your energies on your heart and come from the area of love that is within your heart. You will feel the direction to take.

Know also that you are not separate from this world, it is all a part of your Self and on some level within you, you know of this connection. Therefore give out what you would like to receive.

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