It is a characteristic of wisdom not to do desperate things.
Henry David Thoreau

It is astonishing with how little wisdom mankind can be governed, when that little wisdom is its own.
William Ralph Inge

It requires wisdom to understand wisdom: the music is nothing if the audience is deaf.
Walter Lippmann

Knowledge comes, but wisdom lingers.
Alfred Lord Tennyson

Learning sleeps and snores in libraries, but wisdom is everywhere, wide awake, on tiptoe.
Josh Billings

Memory is the mother of all wisdom.

Never does nature say one thing and wisdom another.

Nine-tenths of wisdom is being wise in time.
Theodore Roosevelt

A man begins cutting his wisdom teeth the first time he bites off more than he can chew.
Herb Caen

A prudent question is one-half of wisdom.
Francis Bacon

All this worldly wisdom was once the unamiable heresy of some wise man.
Henry David Thoreau

By three methods we may learn wisdom: First, by reflection, which is noblest; Second, by imitation, which is easiest; and third by experience, which is the bitterest.

Cleverness is not wisdom.

Common sense in an uncommon degree is what the world calls wisdom.
Samuel Taylor Coleridge

Does wisdom perhaps appear on the earth as a raven which is inspired by the smell of carrion?
Friedrich Nietzsche

Every man is a damn fool for at least five minutes every day; wisdom consists in not exceeding the limit.
Elbert Hubbard

He dares to be a fool, and that is the first step in the direction of wisdom.
James Huneker

He who devotes sixteen hours a day to hard study may become at sixty as wise as he thought himself at twenty.
Mary Wilson Little

Honesty is the first chapter in the book of wisdom.
Thomas Jefferson

In seeking wisdom thou art wise; in imagining that thou hast attained it – thou art a fool.
Lord Chesterfield

Wisdom is the reward you get for a lifetime of listening when you’d have preferred to talk.
Doug Larson

Wisdom is the supreme part of happiness.

Wisdom outweighs any wealth.

Wisdom stands at the turn in the road and calls upon us publicly, but we consider it false and despise its adherents.
Kahlil Gibran

Wisdom, compassion, and courage are the three universally recognized moral qualities of men.

No man was ever wise by chance.
Lucius Annaeus Seneca

Patience is the companion of wisdom.
Saint Augustine

Some folks are wise and some are otherwise.
Tobias Smollett

The art of being wise is the art of knowing what to overlook.
William James

The doors of wisdom are never shut.
Benjamin Franklin

The more sand that has escaped from the hourglass of our life, the clearer we should see through it.
Jean Paul

The older I grow the more I distrust the familiar doctrine that age brings wisdom.
H. L. Mencken

The only true wisdom is in knowing you know nothing.

The truest wisdom is a resolute determination.
Napoleon Bonaparte

The wisdom of the wise and the experience of the ages are perpetuated by quotations.
Benjamin Disraeli

The wisdom of the wise is an uncommon degree of common sense.
Dean Inge

The young man knows the rules, but the old man knows the exceptions.
Oliver Wendell Holmes

There is a wisdom of the head, and a wisdom of the heart.
Charles Dickens

To be satisfied with a little, is the greatest wisdom; and he that increaseth his riches, increaseth his cares; but a contented mind is a hidden treasure, and trouble findeth it not.

To conquer fear is the beginning of wisdom.
Bertrand Russell

Turn your wounds into wisdom.
Oprah Winfrey

We are made wise not by the recollection of our past, but by the responsibility for our future.
George Bernard Shaw

When I can look life in the eyes, grown calm and very coldly wise, life will have given me the truth, and taken in exchange – my youth.
Sara Teasdale

Everything is based on mind, is led by mind, is fashioned by mind. If you speak and act with a polluted mind, suffering will follow you, as the wheels of the oxcart follow the footsteps of the ox. Everything is based on mind, is led by mind, is fashioned by mind. If you speak and act with a pure mind, happiness will follow you, as a shadow clings to a form.

The function of wisdom is to discriminate between good and evil.

Wisdom is knowing what to do next; Skill is knowing how to do it, and Virtue is doing it.
David Starr Jordan

To understand reality is not the same as to know about outward events. It is to perceive the essential nature of things. The best-informed man is not necessarily the wisest. Indeed there is a danger that precisely in the multiplicity of his knowledge he will lose sight of what is essential. But on the other hand, knowledge of an apparently trivial detail quite often makes it possible to see into the depth of things. And so the wise man will seek to acquire the best possible knowledge about events, but always without becoming dependent upon this knowledge. To recognize the significant in the factual is wisdom.
Dietrich Bonhoeffer

It is unwise to be too sure of one’s own wisdom. It is healthy to be reminded that the strongest might weaken and the wisest might err.
Mohandas K. Gandhi

Wisdom consists of the anticipation of consequences.
Norman Cousins

Whatever is at the center of our life will be the source of our security, guidance, wisdom, and power.
Stephen Covey

Wisdom is not a product of schooling but of the lifelong attempt to acquire it.
Albert Einstein

There is more wisdom in your body than in your deepest philosophy.
Friedrich Nietzsche

Never mistake knowledge for wisdom. One helps you make a living; the other helps you make a life.
Sandra Carey

Growth in wisdom may be exactly measured by decrease in bitterness.
Friedrich Nietzsche

Wisdom is knowing what to do next, skill is knowing how to do it, and virtue is doing it.
David Starr Jordan

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