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Powerful Laws of Attraction in Business and Life

by George Lockett

What you give Energy or attention to expands and grows. We can use this law in our business ventures to create a business and be of value to others.

Business is all about creating something of value that others want. You can do this by assessing and becoming aware of the things in your life that you value about your Self; things that you are passionate about and love to share with your friends and family.

Look for the things that bring you joy, bliss, peace, and happiness – it makes sense to create a business you enjoy doing and that you are passionate about.

When starting a business it is good to remember that there are three stages to creation: THOUGHT, WORD, and ACTION.

The best time to start is Now, by giving your attention to the idea and feeling what it is like to use your imagination and visualizing ability (THOUGHT) to create a business concept. You may prefer an idea that you feel comfortable with and that works for you.

We bring our personal selves to business; with our feelings and emotions we create the synchronicity which draws to us what we wish to create, using the law of attraction.

Then find some friends or business development people to discuss your idea with. WORD – talking about your ideas adds energy and momentum to them. You could put your ideas down on paper and plan your business.

ACTION – Take steps to start you business Now, with what is available to you. In a year or two you will see that, by a process of adding a little each day, your business has grown and is maybe 10 times bigger than when you started.

Again, consider using visualization to create the blueprint of what your business looks like when it is 10 times bigger than the business you have now. (Remember, it is all happening in the Present Moment.) What new ideas are you incorporating?

Use the question “How can I …” to get the resources or ideas which you need in order to move forward in your business, to show up in your space. Be in action mode; take the actions needed to move forward and market and promote your business.

Remember, when in business you create something of Value, which you trade with other people for money. Your mindset is to be of service to others. You need to look within yourself for the skills and the value, which you hold within yourself.

Look for ways you can express gratitude not only for what you already tangibly have, but also for those things which are just waiting in the wings for you to draw them into your space (they all exist in the Now).

With your heart filled with gratitude, focus on what you want. This formula will help you create in your space, a positive and supporting environment for your business to grow and flourish in.

Feel good about making money, as it is a measure of how much you are helping people within your business. The only way you can make a continuous flow of money is by serving people and being helpful.

Make agreements WITH your employees, rather than rules FOR them. Create a safe space when having staff meetings, with no judgement or comeback and an atmosphere of unconditional love.

This will allow your staff to open up and share their thoughts, feeling and ideas. Your business will grow naturally if you focus on what you want to create; if you come to business with an open heart and share your expertise in a loving, creative way.

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