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Pathways to Mastery (in Relationship)

by Wayne Dyer

Reconnecting with the flow of that Source is essential in order to attract whatever seems to be missing in your life. You have much more power to manifest what you desire than you might think. This is the essential message of my work and many of my books.

All of us have the capacity to attract what we want, whether that is a relationship, a promotion, or some other form of abundance. Let’s talk about this in the context of someone who wants a loving relationship but has not been able to manifest one.

The place to begin, as always, is within. First and foremost, we must honor our worthiness to receive what we want. Men and women in our society have been conditioned to believe themselves not worthy. This belief holds that it is selfish to want good things in our lives. We’ve been conditioned at a very basic level to feel that we shouldn’t want more and should be satisfied with what we have. This stems from the belief that we don’t deserve to have what we would like because we have been bad and, therefore, are not worthy. Until we release this false belief, our very feelings of unworthiness put a huge obstacle in the way of manifesting the relationship we want.

When you put a great, big obstacle—your feeling of unworthiness—in front of a running stream, it will not stop the flow of the divine force. The divine force will just go around your unworthiness and flow someplace else. That’s exactly what happens when you decide you really would like to manifest a loving relationship, but simultaneously say to yourself, “I’m really not worth it,” “I’m not good enough,” “I’ve been bad,” or “I’m a sinner.” If you are saying this to yourself, the force will not work with you. It doesn’t work with that which doesn’t believe it deserves. This, then, is the place to begin—we have to overcome the societal conditioning that says we are unworthy.

Almost all of our conditioning tells us that we can’t manifest. We believe we can’t attract to ourselves what we want, because we think we are separate from God. From this point of view, our ability to manifest anything depends on whether God wants it for us or not. Seeing ourselves as connected to God, rather than separate, puts us in the flow of the infinite stream and revives our capacity to attract what we want into our lives.

We are not in the business of creating, but of attracting. Everything that is created in the universe is here already. We are not creators so much as ‘re-combiners’ of that which has already been created. We have to let go of the idea that we are going to create something out of nothing, and instead attract to ourselves what is already here. We can elaborate on this concept using the metaphor of a plum tree. When you look at a plum tree, notice that it has roots, bark, a trunk, branches, leaves, blossoms, buds, and eventually, plums. Now ask yourself, “What part of this is not plum essence?” The answer is, “It’s all plum essence.” When we see a plum we don’t think, “Well this round purple fruit just showed up from the invisible spirit world of ‘plumness’ and manifested in our physical world. Somehow the fruit just appeared.” The truth is that the tree is meant to plum and it produces plums. The plum tree grows out of this world, and we are the same.

You have to surrender the little mind to the big mind, and turn what you want over to God. You can do this in any moment in your life. There is no moment that isn’t equivalent in value to any other moment. Then you must trust, and know that what you want to manifest will happen. If you follow these principles, you’ll see your dreams manifest—just like that!

This article is excerpted from a full length chapter in the book Marriage of Sex & Spirit. www.MarriageOfSexAndSpirit.com

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