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Nothing To Lose

November 9th, 2014 by Will Nesbitt Leave a comment Go to comments

It’s not courageous unless you have something to lose.

How many times have you put off doing something you’ve really wanted to do until later or until things were ‘better’? How many times have you said you’d wait until the kids are older or gone off to college? Or when the car is paid off? Or when you have more money in your savings? Sound familiar? Maybe you have different reasons, but you get the gist of it.

You have a million and one reasons why you can’t do something right now. Or at least they seem like reasons. They’re not. What they really are are a million and one excuses. What’s the difference between a reason and an excuse? A reason is why you did or did not do something. An excuse is why you believe your action or inaction is ok.

The simple truth is that you are afraid. Afraid of taking the risk. Afraid of what others will say. Afraid of how you will look. Afraid of how you will feel. Afraid of losing all of your money. Afraid of losing your home. Afraid of losing your car. Afraid of losing your social status. All of which are associated with the fear of dying…because deep down you feel that any major loss like the ones I mentioned above will lead to your death.

You are afraid to bet it all because you are afraid to lose it all. You daydream of the success, but you fear the loss. But why? You don’t know what will happen. Yet, you make our fears true in your mind. But it isn’t true because what you fear happening has not happened. You start out thinking of the goal then those thoughts spiral downward into everything that could possibly go wrong. You make the loss more vivid in your mind which makes it seem more real to you. You feel the fear. You feel the sting of disappointment and embarrassment. And those thoughts alone stop you dead in your tracks. Not to mention what others think or have to say about it plays a large part in fueling the fire that burns your dreams to the ground.

Sure, loss is possible. It is wise to consider that. However, not to the point that the thought of loss immobilizes you. Instead, to motivate yourself to move forward and keep moving forward, you must stay focused on the goal…on what you DO want. Imagine the success. Feel the  thrill of winning. Feel the satisfaction of achieving. Feel the pride of accomplishment. You must constantly move your mind to the opposite pole of thought. From the negative to the positive. From discouragement to encouragement. From seeing loss to seeing yourself actually doing what you set out to do.

Risk is not risk unless there is something to lose. Courage is not courage unless there is something to fear. Courage and risk are simply ACTION. Action in spite of the fear of loss. It is doing what must be done even though it may not be convenient at the moment. That’s all. Again…doing what MUST be done.

If the person you love most were trapped inside a wrecked vehicle that you knew could explode at any moment, would you stand there thinking of everything that could go wrong if you tried to help them? Or would you ACT? Would you do what must be done to try and save them? Or would you worry about how much money you would lose if you tried to save them and got injured and couldn’t work? I’m guessing that you would do your best to save them. So, as you can see, it is action that makes the difference. You’d be amazed what you can do when you get to doing it (notice I didn’t say ‘try’).

The fear of loss is nothing more than your imagining of what will happen. And just as you imagine the loss and ACT (or not act) based on what you imagine, just think what you could do if you switched your thoughts to the opposite pole. Find out for yourself what will happen if you imagine the success and ACT based on what you imagine.

I believe the key is that you must be willing to lose it all as well as gain it all. You have to be willing to fail as well as succeed. You have to accept the consequences come what may because what matters is the ACTION you put forth. Now, yes I know…you want to succeed. That fact is obvious and inherent in the action you take toward the goal. The point I want to get across is that it is not always best to wait. Sure, the naysayers and Practical Patties will tell you how you should approach it. They want you to stay on the bench with them instead of doing what they are afraid to do…take control of your thoughts, face your fears, and look fate in the face and say “Come what may”.

So, what will it be? The bench or will you step on the court and give it a shot?

Here’s to you making it happen.

Take time today practicing this. Think of your goal and observe how you automatically slip into negative thoughts of loss. Don’t judge yourself doing this. And don’t judge the thoughts. Just observe yourself thinking these thoughts. When you become aware of yourself doing this, simply say to yourself “This is not so” and replace those negatives thoughts with their opposite….think vivid thoughts of yourself doing and achieving. See the colors. Hear the sounds. Feel the feelings. Experience it vividly. This takes practice. Keep at it. You’ll soon become proficient at it.


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