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June 11th, 2009 by Will Nesbitt Leave a comment Go to comments

What’s the one thing that most people do before leaving home? Check themselves in the mirror. Before I walk outside, I do a quick check in the mirror just to make sure my do (my hair), clothes, mustache and beard are straight. Even if i’m just going outside to my car or to the mailbox. Hey, you never know who might be outside. I mean, suppose Jessica Alba is driving through my complex and stops to ask me for directions….I gotta be ready. lol.

Anyway, I’m pretty sure that I’m not alone in doing this. We all double-check ourselves in the mirror before leaving home to go to work, the club, church, or wherever. Why? To make sure our clothes match and aren’t wrinkled. To make sure our hair is on point. Or to make sure we don’t have any unsightly nose hairs waving at people. In other words, we look at ourselves in the mirror to make sure that our appearance is as it should be or as we would like it to be. Makes sense, right? Well, now that we’ve confirmed that our appearance is fine, what about our attitudes? How do we check that? What kind of mirror do we use? The answer is people.

A mirror is basically a reflective surface. In other words, a mirror is something that reflects or imitates whatever image is placed in front of it. So, if you stand in front of a mirror wearing a green jogging suit, then the mirror will show you exactly that. You control every movement, every color, every ray of light. The only thing you can’t control is the mirror’s reflective function (unless you completely destroy the mirror). Even breaking it won’t stop it. You’ll just see a distorted image. Get the point? Good. Let’s continue.

Glass isn’t the only material that can be used as mirrors. People are mirrors as well. Want to know whether you are friendly or easy to get along with? Simply look at how people REACT to you (there’s action, then there is it’s mirror image – REaction). If people are always glad to hear from you or genuinely enjoy your company then it’s pretty safe to say that you’re a pleasant person (either that or you’re rich). On the other hand, if people seem to be avoiding you or you can’t seem to keep friends, then it’s pretty safe to say that you are not a very pleasant person to be around. Of course, there are plenty of other factors that go into how people respond to you. Some people just might not be enjoying their own lives so take it out on others. However, for the most part, people often reflect the attitudes of those they come in contact with.

Mirrors are good for more than just physical grooming. They can also be used to groom our attitudes. Look at your life. What do you have? Everything we have or don’t have is a direct reflection of our choices. Our choices are a direct reflection of our thoughts. If we don’t have the friends, job, car, house, girlfriend/boyfriend, husband/wife that we want, then much of that (if not all) is due to choices that we have made in our lives. This is exactly why there is no use in complaining. Because for the most part, what we have or don’t have is our responsibility. Don’t believe that? Look around you. Notice what you have and where you are. Nothing is by chance. Fewer by force. All by choice.

Let’s put this together. Mirrors show us exactly what we put in front of them. Whatever we see is what we get, right? If you change the image, then you get the exact same results….the exact reflection of the image. Sound familiar? Think about it. For every action, there is an opposite and equal reaction. Mirrors. Or….as you give, so shall you receive. Mirrors. Or….as you judge, so shall you be judged. Or….cause and effect. Mirrors. So, it stands to reason that mirrors are all around us.

Most importantly, we are a mirror unto our own selves. If you pay attention to your actions, then you’ll notice that they are in direct proportion to your thoughts. In other words, what you think you are or to quote the Bible, ‘As a man thinketh in his heart, so is he’….and as he continues to think, so he remains. What we say and what we do are the direct result of our own thinking. We have hundreds and millions of thoughts that run through our minds each and every day. We choose which thoughts to act on depending on the situation at hand or to come. Be aware of your thoughts and the choices that you make. Right now, you are living the choices that you made yesterday. The results of today’s choices won’t be revealed until the future. That leaves the present which is where choices are made. The NOW.

So, Decide NOW to think thoughts of love, forgiveness, and peace. Decide NOW to be kind and accepting to yourself and others. Decide NOW to stop overlooking and missing out on the present because you choose to live in the past and constantly look towards the future. Choose to see the Oneness of All That Is. See yourself as God sees you. You are a reflection of Him because you are ‘created in His image’. You are the mirror image of the Creator. Your thoughts and the results of your choices are the mirror image of you. Change your thoughts to change your life. Your progress will be reflected to you by the mirror of mankind.


  1. clyman
    July 13th, 2009 at 19:55 | #1

    I just took a crash course on mirrors. I call it Mirrors 101. This is nicely written. Some of the statements that stuck with me really hit home. Everthing we have or don’t have is a direct reflection of our choice and thoughts. Maybe those are the things that keep us from reflecting on ourselves. The truth is staring right back at us, and it hurts.

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