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Life is Love in Action

by Santosh Kunte

1. Life is love in action, ponder on this and make it your own truth.

2. Be earnest in whatever you do, assume as if your very survival depends on whatever you do moment to moment. Your happiness is directly proportional to your sincerity towards what is, your earnestness is to attend what is. By all means and resources, attend to what is with whole of your heart. There is no bigger decease than half heartedness. Be careful that you give of yourself totally, whatever the task may be. Do not reserve anything since the more you give of, the more you will be emptied for the new to come. So as a policy, give of yourself so completely that nothing is left of to argue. This is karma yoga which only delivers the goods, the good for you and all.

3. Keep your mind unoccupied so completely that it’s absolutely free to attend to what is. When you have a lot of cluttering, the mind is not free to act. All the hanging around anything (concept or thought) is nothing but in vain attempt of mind to seek support where there is no support guaranteed except to attend to what is.

4. Whatever you have, live the life of absolute dedication and work with an honestly that you owe everything to the universe and since everything is arranged by the universe for you so also is your job to serve the universe in whatever possible way you can.

5. When your dedication is absolute, your self concern is nil and so the misery of living the life of worry and anxiety.

6. When you know for sure that what you are seeking and delivering ultimately is nothing but the love in action, you substitute love of action for love of self which is worry and anxiety.

7. Make a point to work for love and not for survival. Love that you owe everything to everybody and your survival depends on everybody and your job is to labor for the sake of love and nothing else. This way love penetrates your psyche and your work remains an expression of love and truth. Rest all are the definitions and labels which has its own utility and that’s it and nothing more.

8. The motives which encompass all are always supported by the universal self and you always have to broaden your vision to encompass all. Either you include all in the world or exclude all and embrace the truth in you. Both leads to the same, the single truth pervading the inner and outer.