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I Love A Woman Who….

June 6th, 2009 by Will Nesbitt Leave a comment Go to comments

I Love A Woman Who…

…. understands that the path to knowing herself begins with knowing God first.

…. takes the time to understand me as I am and not who I am in comparison to others.

…. knows that she knows nothing about BEING a man and that the only way to support me in being such is not by trying to make me conform to her image of what a man should be but by her simply being a woman and balancing her feminine energy with my masculine energy. For neither man nor woman can exist without the other and both need the other to be what they are.

…. understands that love is about giving regardless of the circumstance.

…. is honest with herself and with others.

…. understands that there is a time to speak her mind and a time to mind her speech.

…. understands that there’s a difference between love and possessiveness. Love concerns itself with giving, union, and growth of the whole. Possessiveness concerns itself with getting, controlling, and pride.

…. whose motivation for achieving is not merely for the sake of having things or to conform to society’s standards, but to contribute to the world.

…. understands that spirituality goes far beyond attending a weekly ritual out of compliance with familial/societal customs. Instead, she seeks God where He may be found and that is in all things simply because He is All.

…. understands that cause and effect is a universal law and that God is the First Cause of All of which we are his Divine Effects.

…. is compassionate to all, not only to those whom she feels obligated to be.

…. seeks to maintain physical, spiritual, and mental health and balance.

…. isn’t so quick to judge others.

…. understands that giving is a prerequisite to receiving.

…. seeks first to understand, then to be understood.

…. loves children.

…. smiles often.

…. understands that loving herself is not about selfishness but about giving herself. For God is Love. And Love is giving.

…. is not easily influenced by friends, family, or spiritual authority figures simply because of title or relation but instead is influenced by spirit and truth.

…. doesn’t participate in or entertain gossip or hearsay.

…. understands that friends and family have their place and that it’s not in our business.

…. understands that change is inevitable and she welcomes it with gladness.

…. has learned from her mistakes and makes the choice to not repeat them.

…. is patient.

…. prays not out of obligation but from a yearning for communication with the Creator.

…. loves to laugh.

…. listens and understands me when I’m speaking and when I’m silent.

…. understands that she can only know me by experiencing me and not through pre-conceived notions of who I might be.

…. accepts and appreciates me as I am while supporting me as I grow not into who she would have me be but into what God would have me be.

…. doesn’t feel the need to prove her equality with men but understands that it was already determined the moment of her creation and is demonstrated at every turn without effort.

…. understands that money is A thing not EVERYthing and that it has no inherent worth. It has no worth beyond our individual perceptions.

…. understands what Shakespeare meant when he said ‘There is nothing neither good nor bad, but thinking makes it so.”

…. understands that beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

…. is disciplined and consistent in exercise….she wants to be healthy for herself and for me.

…. reads something other than erotica and romance novels or books on wealth and success. She fills her mind with anything positive.

…. is sincere.

…. doesn’t look at cooking and cleaning as derogatory but understands that it is a gesture of devotion to love, godliness, and health.

…. is willing to be a fool for love….willing to release her inhibitions and pre-conceptions and allow herself to give all freely without pretense or regret. The fools are those of us who are not willing to live this way.

…. always smells good.

….whose every move isn’t motivated by what she will get but what she can give.

…. understands the difference between being content and being complacent. The former is a form of acceptance and appreciation while the latter is form of stagnancy.

…. understands success isn’t just about money and wealth but about successfully completing what you started…nothing more, nothing less.

…. constantly seeks not only the absence of conflict but the balance of opposites…or in a word – peace.

….whose goal is to share all that she was given with all.

… understands that sexiness is an attitude.

…. seeks to BE the virtuous woman, not just pretend. If she identifies herself as such merely because she’s a woman then she’s only half right. She constantly strives to maintain her virtue.

…. understands the nature of sex….that it is the physical representation of the yin/yang, giving/receiving relationship…that is the physical representation of opposites balanced in oneness. She understands that it is physical, emotional, and spiritual and to overemphasize any one of these over the others is unbalanced and a perversion of sex’s true nature.

…. uses sex as A tool to express herself, not THE tool or means to merely get what she wants.

…. doesn’t gauge love by the amount of money spent on her but whether love was the intention behind it.

…. understands that intention is the cause of thought which is the cause of action. So, she’s quicker to examine the intention before the action.

…. loves, values, and appreciates family.

…. understands that God is All and All is God.

P.S. And I love, love, love a woman who can cook the hell outta some porkchops! Ok, now I’m done. lol


  1. Makinak 111
    January 18th, 2010 at 00:51 | #1

    Hey U!!
    This was good reading…as a result I now understand you and hope that you encounter that kind of a woman.
    If you should find one that one quarter of that consider yourself blessed. Most women are blinded by a light that doesn’t shine. Keep your head to the sky…



  2. Tamara
    June 6th, 2010 at 22:35 | #2

    Ok that was very poetic i really liked it. I also agree with Makinak 111 that i now understand u too just a little of course u will never know until u can experience it. My question to u is what if a woman does not have everything u just listed? Someone ask do women have a list of standards for a man and if so thats prob y most single women do not have one because of her list. Well Mr. Neely u have a list a very long list and that is cool but will u pass up a woman who does not have all these things what if it takes u to teach her the rest is that acceptable to u? Have u ever heard of a diamond in the ruff? what is she is a treasure that is just lost? or a diamond when before it is one it is a piece of coal arent they dung up from somewhere? put thru a flame of fire to be purified? so what about that Will?

  3. Shani
    November 14th, 2010 at 07:41 | #3

    Understanding what you love is having an understanding of self. We women have a list of the things we love about a men too. There should be no offense taken but appreciation given to a man that can actually know and state what he wants! It was all good til the porkchops thang tho!

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