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How to Move on From Break Up and Find Happiness

by George Lockett

No one can make us unhappy unless we let them. It is not what happens in our life that brings unhappiness; it is how we choose to react to what happens that sets the mood for our feeling and emotions. I say this to allow you to take personal responsibility for your reaction in every situation.

Consciously choosing your reaction is very empowering, especially if you choose to react in a positive, life-supporting way. When we love unconditionally, we love because it brings us happiness and we get pleasure from giving the love we hold in our heart.

By sharing this love unconditionally, we give it without strings attached; no one has to show up in a particular way; we just express the joy we are feeling within our Self and share it with our friends or lovers.

When you love unconditionally you can open your heart fully, knowing you cannot be hurt because you are in control of your love. You are giving it out freely from an infinite source to all those you come in contact with.

When you love unconditionally you can love in many directions simultaneously. You can have many friends and share your joy, because you are creating this from within and expressing this joy to your environment through your emotions, feeling and senses.

This process puts you fully in charge. You are not waiting to receive from the other person – you are creating the situation and flowing your love outwards.

This state of giving unconditionally comes about when we relax, allow our mind to settle down, and connect with the Universal Life Force within. This has many advantages as, when we are in tune with the universe, every thought, word and deed we have is supported by the universe and easily finds fulfillment.

When our energies are strong and we have a good connection to Source, our body radiates health and balance. People are naturally drawn to us and we are happy and carefree, as we are in the mood for giving, just for the pleasure it brings.

It is easy to switch from a state of depression and lack to this state of inner fulfillment and joy, just by choosing to do so. By focusing one’s energy on oneself and loving oneself, one charges oneself up with love.

This can also be achieved through various spiritual practices. On my HealerGeorge website I have created a number of Guided Meditations which connect you to your source energy and allow you to bring your energies back into balance in a natural way. You feel fully charged up and go out in the world with enthusiasm and joy.

So if you feel you have received a knock from Nature, look within and be the source of your experience. Open your heart to life and allow your love to flow out freely. Remember you are connected to the Universal Life Force, which is eternal; it contains the source energy for the whole universe and is so full it is beyond limit.

Connect yourself to this source and be a part of the New Spirituality, connected to Oneness. Everything in the Universe has its source in this Oneness and everything you give comes back to Oneness. So come out to play in this field of love; give freely and create the abundance that is the birthright of all.

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