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Fumble? No Excuses.

October 6th, 2013 by Will Nesbitt Leave a comment Go to comments
No Excuses.

No Excuses.

There will come a time when you will miss an opportunity. Sometimes through no fault of your own. Other times, it very well may be your fault. But, whatever the case may be, be careful that you don’t make excuses.

One of the most popular excuses I hear today from people when they miss an opportunity or end a relationship is “Well, maybe God didn’t want me to have it. Otherwise, I’d still have it.” Really? Ok. Let’s look at it this way: You’re a running back. The ball is hiked, you take off running, and you’re open. The quarterback throws the ball to you. You catch the ball, but you fumble. Who’s fault is that? Yours or the quarterbacks? Did you fumble because the quarterback didn’t want you to have the ball? If that were the case, then why throw it to you in the first place? That would be rather cruel. You’re on the same team. I wouldn’t think he would want you to succeed because you all win when you succeed, right?

Now replace ‘quarterback’ with ‘God’ and ‘the ball’ with any missed opportunity (a relationship, job, financial opportunity) in the above scenario and answer the same question. Do you honestly believe that anything that happens happens without His knowledge or apart from His plan for the Universe? Are you really being honest with yourself? Can you admit that you dropped the ball (if that’s the case)? It is in these times we be willing to look the Truth square in the face and accept it in order to recover from the fumbled situation.

Like I said, we miss opportunities. It happens. Sometimes it’s our fault. Other times it’s not. That’s how Life plays itself out sometimes. But, even in missing the opportunity, there is an opportunity. We have the opportunity to learn something…but only if we’re honest with ourselves. If we learn from that situation….learn why we made that mistake, why we procrastinated, what the error in our judgment was….instead of making excuses to make ourselves feel or look better….then we will have made the most of the situation. When we stop making excuses and wallowing in regret, we open ourselves up to the truth….we allow ourselves to be honest. And that’s how we set ourselves up for future success. Because now we know better. We learned from the mistake and are ready to do better when another opportunity comes our way. And trust me, it will come. Will you catch it and hold on to it?


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