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Enlightenment and Material Riches – What is the Spiritual Conflict?

by Carmellita M. Brown

Those of us who are on the path of enlightenment and desire to abide by holistic living principles in health, awareness, wisdom, and lifestyle are often faced with a spiritual conflict. The spiritual conflict faced by many who are on the path of enlightenment has always centered on whether or not one can have money and material riches and still be spiritual. So, many people often wonder:

“Can I enjoy the experiences of wealth through material riches and live holistically? Do I have to make a choice between being rich and the path of enlightenment? Furthermore, does spirituality discourage the experience of material riches?”

The pertinent answers to such powerful questions depend on our ability to communicate, live, and operate in life as our true and authentic self. Once the true self is realized, then there is no longer a conflict. At this point, we are enlightened and we are operating as a co-creator. Furthermore, as a co-creator, we are utilizing our gifts, talents, abilities, and skills to create. Based on these factors, what is the conflict? Therefore, let’s look at how our level of consciousness and are commitment to the path of enlightenment can affect the experiences we have with material riches and yes, money.

First, you can effectively spread more goodwill, kindness, and love with wealth and abundance than you can without it. This goodwill can be achieved with wealth if this is our focus. As with all things, the true beauty of life is learning to do all things with harmony and balance. The harmony and balance are achieved when we make sure that our spiritual development complements our material riches. Being rich is not a bad thing, but being rich without knowledge of our true and authentic self can be dangerous and destructive. In this state of disharmony, the ego makes choices out of pain, confusion, desperation, complacency, fear, lust, greed, and pride; hence, propelling one down the path of self-destruction. Yet, when the true self is realized, money and material riches are simply the result of our ability to weal or prosper.

Second, when living a holistic lifestyle (meaning that we consider the whole self) with material riches, one should strongly consider that his or her trust does not lie in that which is material. Material riches, wealth, and abundance are a provision of the universe to add joy and quality to our lives. If wealth and money are not adding joy to life, but stress, then this is not holistic living and it most certainly is not the path of enlightenment. If material riches and money are hurting others and the planet on which we live, then this is not holistic living or the path of enlightenment.

Third, as long as we see money and riches as a conflict, this becomes our point of attraction and our level of vibration. This is the law of attraction and the law of vibration at work. Specifically, according to the law of attraction and the law of vibration, by having vibrant thoughts that wealth, abundance, material riches, and money are a conflict with our spiritual development and our commitment to the path of enlightenment causes conflict. This conflict causes disruptions in the flow of abundance; therefore, we have fleeting moments of good fortune.

Finally, as we take a closer look, we realize that our level of enlightenment will draw more wealth and abundance to us because we have the ability to prosper. The more enlightened we are, the more resources and opportunities we will attract to us. Moreover, as a co-creator, we are able to see the resources, opportunities and people that will propel us toward success.

Carmellita M. Brown is a Visionary Spiritual Teacher, Success Coach, and Wellness Coach. She is the instructor for the world-class online training course [http://universalclass.com/i/crn/9478.htm]Abundance Training 101 This course has been a celebrated tool for spiritual growth and success since 2004. Among her colleagues and peers Carmellita has become known as the “Wildflower of the New Consciousness Movement.” In her writing, she often states: “If you have the vision, the Universe will make the Provision.”