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Denied Or Denial?

July 25th, 2013 by Will Nesbitt Leave a comment Go to comments

faithHave you prayed or been praying for something that you have not ‘received’?
Do you feel ‘forsaken’?
Or do you feel like you’ve been denied because God doesn’t want you to have what you want for some mysterious reason beyond your understanding?

Well, have you ever stopped to consider that maybe it isn’t so much that God has denied your prayer as much as it is that you have denied His answer? Too often you’ve prayed with a fervent thirst for the thing you want and led to the very place to find it….only to refuse to drink. The giving of a gift isn’t complete until the gift has been accepted. Could it be that the gift is being offered, but you just haven’t accepted because you can’t recognize it?

Where is your faith? When will you move from prayer to acceptance? From asking to thanking?

There is an answer for every question. But if you knew the answer looked then there would be no need to ask. This is why in addition to praying for the thing, you should also pray that you would be able to recognize the answer as well.

Too often we allow the very thing we’ve wanted and prayed for to slip away because it did not come as we imagined it. Well, that may not always be the case. Sometimes God will give you the materials in which to build, the clay in which to sculpt, the canvas on which to paint the masterpiece through the inspiration He provides…rather just dropping it in your lap already made.

People treat God like Burger King…they want everything their way. Well, you can have that, but first there must be an ORDER to things. What’s the order? Pray. Be open…in a childlike sense in that you allow yourself to be shown the answer. And receive it so that you may have your faith strengthened to a strong confidence in God’s promises.


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