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Clouds Of Thought

August 11th, 2009 by Will Nesbitt Leave a comment Go to comments

Look at the sky. From the beginning of the Earth’s existence, the sky has undergone cycle after cycle of change. The seasons come and go…as does the rain, sleet, and snow. But one thing that has remained the same….one thing that is constant (other than the seasonal changes) is that regardless of the tint, haze, or weather, the sky still remains vast, limitless, and boundless. It’s doors are always open and beyond them are more of this universe that God has created.

The mind of man is much like the sky. It is limitless and encompassing. It is boundless and timeless. Thoughts pass through the mind just as clouds float through the sky. We cannot stop them from forming or floating. But we can choose which to focus on. Some thought clouds veil the sun of truth, knowledge, and understanding making it hard to see the way; yet the sun still shines. There are also times when clouds seem to block out the entire sky, but this is not so. They only block YOUR view of the sky. They are not strong enough to destroy the sky, neither are they meant to. For the clouds need the sky and vice versa. Without the sky, the clouds would not have a home or a place to exist. Without the clouds, the earth would be scorched by the suns rays and it would not receive the wealth of rain to replenish the land and waters and those who need it. The sky and the clouds are one.

Without thought, man could not function. Indeed, man would not even exist if it were not for thought. It is Thought which created us and it is Thought which sustains us. Man is thought. We are all thoughts in the Mind of God. He is the Truth and the Light which shines behind any and every thought cloud passing through our minds. We are to look beyond these clouds to seek the Truth and the Light which is God so that we can discern and make sense of our thought clouds.

Dark clouds form and cast darkness upon us. But this must be. For it is a part of the cycle of life. Light and darkness are one. They are only different degrees of illumination. Our thoughts are merely different degrees of the Self revealing itself. Our dark, negative thoughts are just as powerful as our glowing, positive thoughts. It is the focus and attention to thought that give them meaning to us and determines how we manifest them.

Ever look at a cloud and notice certain shapes or forms? There are times when you can look at a cloud and see a horse, or man, or flower, or whatever. But does the cloud really take the shape of these things or is that what you choose to see in them? I agree more with the latter. It’s what you see in them that makes them what they are to you. The same with your thoughts. You can’t stop thinking, but you can choose which thoughts to focus on. And what you focus on you give meaning to. And what you give meaning to is real to you. What is real to you is made manifest to you. What is made manifest to you is what you experience. From thought to experience….this is creation. This is the cycle of life.

Thoughts are more than the ramblings, images, and sounds which flash across your mind’s screen. Our thoughts are our intentions, the purpose of action, our expectations, our considerations. It is the fuel which compels us to act.

Millions of thoughts flow through our minds each day. Every moment is filled with thoughts. You can’t stop it. Some thoughts may have more meaning or significance than others. And actually, it is when we judge our thoughts that we give them meaning. A thought is right or wrong or good or bad according to the meaning we give it. But in reality, no thought is good or bad. It simply is what it is. Or as Shakespeare so eloquently put it, “There is nothing neither good nor bad, but thinking makes it so.” It is the value and meaning that you place on those thoughts that make them what they are for you. No one else can (or even should) determine that for you. This is why man has free will. He is free to think and choose for himself what is and is not valuable.

Watch the thoughts which flow through your mind and allow them merely to be. Ask God to help you choose the thoughts which serve the best interest of all involved and then you will have made the perfect choice. Thoughts are possibilities waiting to manifest. Attention or focused thought is what transforms possibility to reality. So, what you focus or think most on is what manifests into your life. Have you ever thought about something and someone and then suddenly it or they appeared? This is a perfect example.

The mind is a sea of which our thoughts are merely a cupful. We dip our attention and focus into the mental sea of the All and drink of it that we may be filled with Its Wisdom, Knowledge, and Understanding.

We are all thoughts in the Mind of God. And God is IN the mind of all. Keep this in mind and you will see that all is possible (for in Him all things are possible). You’re living proof. You are a possibility (a thought) made manifest.

Thank God that you are always on His mind. What a thought, right? Keep your head in the clouds.


  1. Alisia
    August 27th, 2009 at 23:00 | #1

    Oooooh Will….I really really like this. All I can say is AMEN.

  2. Kimberly
    March 5th, 2010 at 02:12 | #2

    The definition of MIND OVER MATTER IS….

    the mind is very powerful. it creates ‘reality’ in a sense, because what we think determines what we can and can’t see or do.
    if we ‘put our minds to it’ we can overcome many obstacles, including physical ones.

    This blog in particular has always sat with me, even though I’ve never commented on it… I’m loving how you use GOD’S name in this blog to describe your point.. The way you broke it down IS AMAZING!

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