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Clean Up Your Act(ions)

October 13th, 2010 by Will Nesbitt Leave a comment Go to comments


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imagesCARJBQW1Imagine waking up in the morning and taking a nice, hot bath.  You lather up and get yourself good and clean. Feels good, huh?  You step out of the tub, BUT you don’t drain the water.  Huh?  Instead, you dry off, get dressed, then go about your day. 

 The next morning, you wake up and take another bath…in the same water you bathed in yesterday (you didn’t drain it, remember?).  You step out and once again, do not drain the bath tub.  Instead, you get dressed, then go about your day….except this time you’re not so Zestfully clean.  You may think you’re clean, but you’re really not.  Nope…you’re full of yesterday’s and the previous day’s filth and residue. And you repeat this same process every day…bathing in all of the dirt and filth of the previous days.  And you repeat this process everyday because you never….drain….the….tub. 

Nasty, huh?  I mean, bathing in ‘used’, dirty water kind of defeats the purpose, right?  Well, this is exactly what you’re doing with those same old limiting, negative, destructive thoughts, beliefs, and actions you continue to cling to.  You lather and try to clean yourself with positive affirmations, holy scriptures, interpretations of holy scriptures (some of which are insanely inaccurate), self-help books and videos, but rinse yourself in the same habits and beliefs that only serve to keep you in the same place you seek to move forward from.

New thoughts are essential to changing patterns and habits that are no longer beneficial to you.  But, new thoughts are only half the battle.  Those thoughts must be followed up with new actions.  New thoughts without action is like standing at the baseball plate with a new bat, but when the ball comes you don’t swing at it.  You just stand there with your new bat looking cool, but you’re striking out.  In order for you to hit a home run you must SWING.  In order to achieve, you must act.

Soaping up without rinsing off only adds soap to the filth you hope to remove. Positive, constructive thoughts over negative, destructive beliefs and actions serve only to mask those non-beneficial thoughts.  There’s no change.  It’s just a cover-up.  Much like placing a painting over a hole in the wall.  It doesn’t fix the hole.  It just hides it.

Soaping up and rinsing off with dirty water only serves to cancel out all of your efforts to get clean.  Again, you’re diluting constructive thoughts with destructive attitudes and actions that only cancel out your efforts.

Now, this is not a lesson in hygiene. (Hopefully, you don’t need that.)  All of that is to say this…clean up your act(ions).  It is not enough to simply shower yourself with positive thoughts and affirmations.  You must balance thought (potential) with action (actuality).  In fact, it is action that transforms potential into the actual.  ‘Faith without works is dead.’  The more you think and affirm without doing is the longer you continue to bathe in dirty water.  Nothing gets accomplished in either case.  Your thoughts chart the course, but action is what moves you to the destination.  Thinking is like a movie script, but the film doesn’t get made unless there is ACTION! 

Think it.  See it.  DO IT.  Drain your mind of that same old ‘stinkin’ thinkin”.  Clean up your act(ions)!  That is all.


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