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Are You Willing?

December 16th, 2011 by Will Nesbitt Leave a comment Go to comments

Are you willing to lose it all?
Are you willing to stand alone?
Are you willing to be wrong?
Are you willing to take the blame,
Just as must as you’re willing to take credit for the same?
Are you willing to fail as much as succeed?
Are you willing to see,
Something beyond your present point of view?
Are you willing to be something other than ‘you’?
Are you willing to walk through the darkness,
As well as stand in the Light?
Are you willing to go out into the wild?
Leaving behind the familiar for the new?
Hacking the bush to blaze a trail,
And discover what’s good for you?
Are you willing to lose family and friends,
To pursue your dream alone?
Are you willing to take the bricks of hardship to build a better home?
Are you willing to tell the Truth at all times,
And stand defiant to the lie?
Are you willing to lose your life for the Truth?
Are you REALLY willing to die?
Are you willing to speak and give voice to a cause?
Are you willing to continue speaking through the silence of no applause?
Are you willing to see the God in all below as much as the above?
Are you willing to go for broke and do it for the Love?
If your answer is ‘YES!’ to your dreams and your willingness is true,
Then by all means proceed, my friend. For success is certain for you.

When we step out in pursuit of a thing, just know that it may or may not be easy. It won’t always go according to plan or according to your initial design. But, it will always go according to the heart of your thoughts. The heart of your thoughts being the spirit in which you pursue a thing. The intent. Intention is the cause. It is the seed and thought is the Earth in which that seed is planted. Nurture the seed with right action and persistence and it will definitely grow and bear the fruit of its kind. But we must be willing to plant, willing to toil, and willing to harvest…all equally. Not worrying about the result, but enjoying and appreciating the process along the way, no matter how rough or how easy. The journey is just as important as the destination.

So, ask yourself…whatever the goal…am I willing to endure the worst just as much as I am willing to relish the best? Be honest in your answer. And when you’ve answered and if you’re still willing, then pray the Universe for guidance and proceed. Here’s to you making it happen.


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