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Are You Glowing?


I’ve got a glow to me, and it’s not just my complexion. It’s not from a tan, and I’m not wearing bronzer. I’m not pregnant and I’m not in love. It’s not any of the typical reasons that people assume when they notice something a little special about you. Can you guess why I’m glowing?

Years ago when I lived in the DC area, I got in line at an understaffed UPS line early one morning with my “Sorry We Missed You” pick-up slip and got in line. I looked over at another customer who I’ll call “Nia,” and smiled. We did not talk about anything, we were just waiting, I think (my memory is a little fuzzy there).

That following Sunday morning, I walked into church and had to wait behind the ushers in the vestibule during the call to worship. I looked up and again I saw Nia.  Small world! We greeted each other and she told me that the coincidence was funny, but she’s not surprised to see me at church. She said, “I knew there was something about you when I saw you at UPS.  You had a glow about you. The glow of Jesus was all over you.”

Last year (at a different church and locale), I went to the church bookstore to assist someone (who I will call “Mary”) with selling goods, and after talking to her for a little bit, she asked, “What’s going on with you? There’s something different about you. Do you have someone new in your life?” Mary noticed a glow because that weekend, I made a quality decision to let go of someone who was having a toxic influence on me.  A new vitality and joyfulness came over me as a result. So I felt great, and I guess according to Mary, I looked it, too!

In the past year or so I’ve really changed my attitude toward my status in life, and my perspective on obstacles and goals that I’ve put off in previous years. But even when things are not going the way I’d like, I have made a conscious effort to do one simple thing when I am talking to others: SMILE.  A smile makes a difference, and if you’re on the phone, you can hear someone’s smile if you know them well enough.  Not a half-smile—the genuine smile that uses your mouth and your eyes.  And it’s also been said that a smile is the same in every language.

It makes a difference when you smile. I have to make a conscious effort to smile and make eye contact with people even when I don’t feel like it. People can tell when you’re trying to avoid them. Now do I always want to seem approachable? Nope, but I still smile or at acknowledge a person verbally and with eye contact. (Ok, usually—but not the cat calls. That’s a subject for another blog post.)

People are drawn to the genuine smile from the heart, and the glow of someone exuding Christ’s love. They can’t help it. My teeth are pretty straight from wearing braces, but those glowing moments I shared earlier happened before and after wearing braces. Nothing is more attractive that a Christian who is confident enough to smile and perk someone else up with a simple greeting or acknowledgement—you don’t know who’s going through a rough time. Ask God to make you more sensitive to the people around you and yield to the Holy Spirit’s leading. He may want to use you to help someone else today, which may in turn set YOU loose, too. Whom the Son sets free is free, indeed!

A heavenly glow is yours for the asking. No Crest whitening strips, braces, suntan, sexual activity, or make-up required.

Daree Allen is a technical writer, freelancer, and motivational speaker. She is currently writing an inspirational guide for teen girls and young women. You can contact her for speaking and writing services at her website, “D.elivering A. R.ich, E.mpowering E.xperience” (http://DareeAllen.com/), and her personal development blog “Daree’s Insights” is at http://dareesinsights.wordpress.com/.
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