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Abundance – If You Desire More, See More

By Carmellita M. Brown

Abundance and Opulence is a Universal and Spiritual Law. However, how can one experience Abundance if he or she can’t see it? The greatest gift given to us is our ability to imagine. We imagine many detrimental things throughout the day. We imagine what we will say to our boss if he gets on our backs one more time. We play it out with anger and intensity and it feels as if we have had the experience. Now think about it, do you really want to fight with your boss, again?

So go within and see more. You can only have what you believe and you won’t believe it until you see it. Imagine what could happen if we used this gift for creating what we truly desire instead of what we really hope will never happens. Imagination is a creative thought. It has emotion. It has desire. It has power.

How can we spark the imagination? Some of the best and most creative times happen when we read, study, and write. Our imagination is fertilized by these three spectacular actions.

First, reading information and visualizing will help you to see more and spark your imagination. From this information, we get language, words, and phrases associated with what we truly desire. For example, if you desire a new home, then read about home ownership and home improvement. Then suddenly, you will start to have imaginations about owning a home.

Second, studying takes the imagination even further and your imagination becomes more vivid. Studying about homeownership by taking a homeownership course or class will expand your imagination in such a way that it becomes more vivid and the feelings intensify.

Third, writing about it as if it were so, puts you into creative mode. When you write it down as if it were so, you are living the experience right now and your subconscious mind will enjoy this experience and will work with your conscious mind to bring this to fruition.

Consequently, it is true that if you imagine nothing, you will create by default. So, if you desire more, see more and your imagination will help you manifest abundance in your life.

Carmellita M. Brown is a Success and Wellness Coach, Author, the publisher of http://www.headlinearticles.com She is the instructor for Abundance Training 101: The Universal Law of Abundance at http://universalclass.com/i/crn/14056.htm She is also the instructor for the online course Lose Weight While becoming a Wellness Coach at: http://universalclass.com/i/crn/9478.htm