Three years ago, I set out with the purpose of helping people stay motivated and inspiring them with my own personal thoughts and experiences through my writings as well as the writings of other inspiring authors. And I’m very thankful and proud that in three years The Inner Seed has grown and gained a small worldwide following.

Now, I could have tons of advertisements on my site, but would rather not. Why? Because I feel too many ads would distract from the experience of these great works I’ve assembled here for you. For me, it’s more about content. That’s my focus. It’s like the library. You don’t see tons of ads there, do you?

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2 – Outreach – Reaching more readers in more countries through community programs and services as well as online initiatives.

3 – Coffee – I tend to stay up late writing and searching for new material for you to experience. And the older I get, the harder it is to stay awake. So, coffee comes in handy. And so does an occasional donut. (Plus, I frequent some of the local coffee shops here in Atlanta for inspiration.)

I appreciate your time. I appreciate your comments and you sharing the material from this site. And I appreciate your contribution to help grow The Inner Seed.


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