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A King’s Story

June 2nd, 2009 by Will Nesbitt Leave a comment Go to comments

True story. I was laying in bed and was inspired to get up and write this story. I was typing kind of fast so I could get it all out so it really hasn’t been edited much. Forgive any typos or errors. Anyway, here it is. Enjoy. Peace.

A King’s Story

There once was a king who lived in the largest castle in his kingdom. He was born in the castle and had lived there all of his life. Yet, for most of his life, the king had only seen one room of his castle. The king lived imprisoned in his bed room which sat on the east corner of the castle about 1000 feet from the ground. In this room, there were no windows and two large steel doors. The king felt he could not escape. For years, he sat and thought about what was on the other side of those walls. He dreamed about what would be on the other side of those doors. When he was younger, the king imagined his family and friends on the other side of the doors waiting to greet him and throw him a lavish party. He also daydreamed of the riches in his possession which he’d never even seen before and all that he do with it once he was free. Yet, he wasn’t. And as the years passed, the king’s dreams became grim and he lost hope. He began to imagine that the family and friends that once waited anxiously for him had now forgotten him and moved on. He imagined that his riches had become spoiled and had been squandered by his servants. He became regretful and cursed his very life…angry at God that he had spent all of his life in this windowless room with two doors from which he could not escape.

One day, as the king sat in his room, cursing God and thinking of all that he could have been doing with his kingdom had he not been locked in this windowless room with two doors a voice spoke. “Oh, king…why do you curse God?” “Because I have spent my entire life in this windowless room with two locked doors. My youth is wasted, my family and friends have forgotten me, and my riches have spoiled. My kingdom is no more.” The voice says, “How do you know that your family has forgotten you and that your riches are spoiled and that your kingdom is no more?” The king says, “Surely it must be. What else could be happening on the other side of these walls? But I wouldn’t know because I’ve been locked in this room my entire life.” The voice says, “Who locked you in this room?” The king thinks for a moment and says, “I don’t know. I can’t remember. Surely, it must have been my parents or someone who wanted to put me away so they could get to my fortune and have my kingdom for themselves.” The voice says, “But how do you know this? Are you sure this is what happened.” “I don’t know.”, says the king. There is a long silence as the king thinks. He remembers playing in the castle as a child and one day coming into the room and the doors slamming shut behind him. The slam was loud and frightening and the thought of trying to get through those large steel doors seemed impossible. Then, the voice says “Are you sure those two doors are even locked?” The king thinks for a moment. “Surely, those doors must be locked because I’m still in here.” “Have you even tried to open them?” The king’s eyes grew large. He had been so busy sitting in this room all this time daydreaming about what was on the other side and blaming others for locking him inside that he hadn’t even taken the time to even try to open the doors.

The king walked slowly towards the first door. Reached his hand out slowly and turns the doorknob. Surely enough, the door was locked. “Aha! You see…I told you.” The voice says, “And the other door?” The king walks confidently towards the second door knowing full well within himself that it would be locked. He turns the doorknob, pulls, and opens the door. “I can’t believe this!” “Believe it.”, says the voice. “You’ve spent your entire life in this room daydreaming about what was on the other side and blaming others for your being here and staying here that you had not even thought to simply try to open the doors yourself. Go forth and rule your kingdom for now you are free.” The king fell to his knees and cried. He lifted his face to the sky and yelled, “Thank you, God!” And the voice said, “You’re welcome.” The king went out into his kingdom and ruled with love for all and appreciation to God.

That king is me. That king is you. That king may be someone you know. We sit in situations of our own making and blame others for it. We say, “I’m this way because he/she did this or said that and hurt me.” We hold on to ignorant, vicious, evil, and unhealthy attitudes and blame them on others. We stay in our comfort zones and never even try to get out of them. We blame society, the white man, the black man, women, men, our children, our parents, our president. We blame everyone except for the person we should be blaming…ourselves. Now, that’s not to say that people don’t do things to help bring about our anger or situations or whatever. But it is to say that they cannot keep us there without our consent. In our ignorance, we sit and complain and never even try to open the doors that will lead to a better life. We try one way which doesn’t work and we throw our hands up thinking it’s over and that there’s no way out. My advice is to try another door. THERE IS ALWAYS A WAY OUT! All you have to do is open the door.

You are the king. Your mind is the castle. Your life is the kingdom. We often miss out on life and fail to rule our lives to its fullest potential because we either don’t try or don’t try hard enough. We are held back only by our thoughts. Life is about choices. The choices you make determine your results. The results of your positive choices are your riches. Open the door and claim them. They are there for you. God in His Infinite Love, Wisdom, and Power always leaves a door open.


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