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June 9th, 2011 by Will Nesbitt Leave a comment Go to comments

As the nite lifts the curtain and the sun takes the stage,
Light splashes my face with the newness of the day.
The sound of your quiet breaths brings a smile to my face.
I see you sleeping.
I wonder the thoughts your subconscious mind is thinking.
Is it me in your dream?
You were in mine.
A cameo in my mind.
I pictured your frame in striking poses.
Quiet moments interrupted by melodic noises.
But my dreams came true.
I think I’ll dream a little more.
Back to sleep for a few.

The sun kisses me good morning as I wake.
And so do you.
It’s just you, the sun, and I.
All so bright.
The perfect ménage à trois…of Light.
Neither speak.
Your smile and your touch speak volumes to me.
I hear you.
The silence says with sincerity all the truths our words may miss.
In this moment, perfect peace is ours.
Ignorance of all untruths is bliss.
We are the truth and I believe in this.


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