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What is The Inner Seed?

Just as the seed in nature contains the fruit of that from which it came, so does the inner seed of man contain the unlimited potential and power of his Creator and Source.

The purpose of this site is to help you live your life happily, peacefully, and on YOUR terms.  This is not your typical self-help or self-improvement site. My purpose is to help increase the level of consciousness and to nurture and develop the unlimited potential within anyone who is willing to cultivate it.  This site offers valuable resources that will motivate and inspire you to make the changes necessary for you to discover and fulfill your life’s purpose and to achieve spiritual growth through the many personal development techniques offered here.  This site is not about religion, nor does it subscribe to the thought that one path is better than another.  Instead, it is my hope that this site will unite people of all faiths into gaining one common perspective and purpose so that we may all live in truth, peace, and equality.

Here’s an overview of what you will find on this site that will place you on the road to self-discovery and help with your personal growth:

Blog – These are my own personal thoughts and teachings gained from years of study, observation, and self-reflection on spirituality, life, relationships, and whatever else that may come to mind.

Articles – Here you’ll find articles from such well known writers/motivators as Zig Ziglar, Steve Pavlina, and more on a variety of topics from how to reach your personal goals to relationship advice to spiritual guidance on meditation, metaphysics, and religion.

Free E-Books – Free e-books to help you learn more about the unlimited power within your own mind as well as how to use this power to achieve your goals and live a happier life.

Quotes – Inspiring and motivational quotes to help give you that extra boost of confidence in your day or to share with family and friends. Find quotes on life, love, success, and more.

My Inspiration – Some of the most influential books and websites that have helped me in my conscious and mental growth.

ProductsBook StoreShop and save on a large selection of positive books, CDs, and DVDs on success, love and relationships, spirituality, and more – all available to help you reach your ultimate potential. Visit the Inner Seed store.

Hypnosis Downloads – Learn how to awaken the incredible power of your mind with self hypnosis. Download mp3’s to help you build self-confidence, improve concentration, overcome procrastination, get over your fears of rejection and much, much more. Click here to learn more about hypnosis.

Whether your goal is for a better relationship or marriage, a more fulfilling career, increasing your income, developing a more personal relationship with the Creator, or simply to “Know Thyself“, this site offers an abundance of material that I feel will help you accomplish these things and more.

The seed is within all of us.  It is up to you how it will grow.  Become a member of the site, bookmark us, and visit anytime.  Feel free to contact me with comments and suggestions anytime you’d like.  I’m here to help.

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