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Money vs. People

June 5th, 2009 by Will Nesbitt Leave a comment Go to comments

Let’s say I were to offer you $10,000. It’s tax-free, no gimmicks, and you don’t have to do anything to get it. It’s just $10,000 and it’s yours if you want it. The only thing is that I can only give you the money in quarters. Would you take it?

What if I could only give the money to you on a debit card? Still no rules, just a debit card with $10,000. Still interested?

Ok, now what about if I could only give it to you in $1 bills? $10 bills? And finally $100 bills? Still want the money?

Unless you are severely retarded or only use your head to rest your hat on, then you’d more than likely accept the money in whatever form I offered it to you. I mean, it’s still $10,000, right? Whether it’s quarters, $1 bills, or debit cards, money is money. We accept and value it regardless what form it comes in because it is useful in all its forms.

But what’s funny is that we are more accepting of money in all its forms than we are of people in all their forms. We are less discriminating when it comes to a green piece of paper or metal discs, but are brutally judgemental when it comes to people. It would seem that we regard money higher than human life. This is evidenced by the fact that many have and will kill for it, marriages end because of it, and families fight and feud over it. Many love money more than they love people. And we all know that the love of money is the root of all evil, right?

Think of the lists of criteria you have for friends or a mate. The skin tone, hair, eyes, weight, height, financial and social status, along with the ability to cater to all emotional and physical needs. We make our lists (and check them twice) and constantly judge and compare people according to our lists. In other words, we often expect others to live up to our own standards and ideals. Yet, when it comes to us, we want people to accept us as we are. We want to be loved and appreciated as is and will be hurt and offended when we aren’t.

I’ve been saying ‘we’ throughout this whole thing because i’m just as guilty of being judgemental as the next person. More so when it comes to dating than anything else. Many is the time that i’ve said, “Man, if I could take x’s face, and put it on y’s body, and add z’s personality i would have the bomb girlfriend.” But that’s my own personal fantasy. And it’s unfair for me to compare or expect anyone to live up to that. And at some point, somebody just may be saying the same thing about me. That thought alone brings you down a notch….or at least puts things back into perspective. I understand that I must be accepting and understanding…and that’s whether others are or not. For to do so with conditions that others return it only taints my attempts to do better. Would you agree with that? Don’t matter. (lol…just kidding…kinda)

Now, by no means am I saying run out and get with all the ugly people (whoever you consider them to be) and say “hey, let’s be friends and date.” No. What I am saying is first of all, you may want to reconsider your judgements of who you even consider to be ugly or unworthy of your friendship or acceptence in the first place. For once you judge, you are judged in return. When you judge others, you automatically judge yourself. To say someone is ugly, you would have to have a feeling that you looked better. To say that someone is dumb or whack has to come from a place within you that feels you are somehow smarter or better than that person. In which case (either case) you are wrong. Dead wrong.

God makes the sun to shine on all. His rays warm us equally. His love supports, covers, and surrounds us equally. It is in Him that we ALL live, move and, have our being. Humility is recognizing that you are no better nor any worse than any one else. It is devoid of judgement. When we can see others, accept them as they are, and appreciate them as they are, then we are on our way to experiencing true unconditional love….which is what God intended.

But it must begin within. To judge others, you judge yourself FIRST. And that is where the transformation must begin…within yourself first. Look at yourself as you really are. Not who society says you are or based on your past up until now, but the you that God sees NOW. Every drop in the ocean is precious. Every ray of the sun’s light is valuable. And so are you. Understand that. Know it. Live it. Then give it.


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